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Lady of the House Collection

Lady Of The House Collection


If hyacinth bucket, forgive us ‘bouquet’, has taught us one thing, it is that true wealth lies inside each and every one of us. Even if it’s just in our own head. Also: that a little eccentricity doesn’t kill you. With the new 'Lady of the House' collection, ProNails is attracting the card of superfluous and quirky luxury this autumn, because More is More!





Bouquet Residence

How can you enjoy a green oasis without having to make your fingernails dirty? With this blooming bouquet of deep emerald you will even make the neighbours’ garden turn green with envy. This solid colour was handpicked by the Lady of the House. Because of evident reasons.



Purple has a fairytale appearance. Theatrical but warm and regal at the same time. This brownishpurple colour with red overtone and soft nacreous pigments falls like velvet on your nails and will continue to steal the show time and time again.


Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby

Ruby red and shimmering like satin. With this colour you will ooze seduction from head to toenails. Don’t be afraid to connect the sassiness all the way through your eyeshadow and/or eyeliner for that extra dash of stopping power.


More is More

Girly meets naughty. This full on glittery raspberry red is the ideal colour to playfully run your fingers through a telephone wire.


Seriously Missguided

Are you a boring Betty? Don’t think so. The intensity fires all over the place with this dark purple with multicolour glitter. This look begs for baroque robes and oversized turtlenecks accentuating your smoldering smokey eyes.


Blush My Nails

Whether you wear your nails long or short, pointy or straight, this soft old pink keeps the extravagance subtle but sultry.